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What is your biggest facility maintenance headache?  If you are like others who are responsible for the maintenance of your buildings, more than likely your response will be “ROOFS!” ​ The “Roof” may be a small part of an entire building investment, but most often times, it is the most costly to replace and/or maintain on a regular basis. For the commercial building owner/manager, your roof is one of the largest investments, and it’s the most likely thing to cause damage when it fails. ​

Enviro Tech is a roof consulting and management firm providing evaluation, design and care of commercial roofs since 1997. We provide roofing evaluations and recommendations with cost effective solutions to your roofing situation. Our goal is to save our clients’ money through continued proactive roof management. Based in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area, we are centrally located to all areas of the United States. ​

Enviro Tech helps you maintain the remaining life of your existing commercial roof and maximize your initial roof build. As one of the oldest roof consulting and management companies in the St. Louis area our trusted consultants, with their extensive industry knowledge and experience, will provide you with the objective information you need to decide on the right roof repair or system to fit your building and budget. With the right budget and solution Enviro Tech manages your roof repair or build from initial evaluation to new construction. We are a one-stop shop for commercial building owners and managers.



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