Forensic Investigation


Roofing Installation

Enviro Tech Roof Consulting Services provides Forensic Roof Investigations. Including, but not limited to:

  • Weather related damages such as Hail and High Wind damages.
  • Leak investigations – What is causing your leak?
  • Insurance Claims assistance

Enviro Tech will assess and determine the cause of your roofing problems

Enviro Tech has provided assistance to numerous building owners as well as manufacturers to investigate roofs that have been experiencing persistent problems. We have worked with several of the major roof system manufacturers to help them ascertain the nature of issues that create warranty claims.

Whether your roof system has workmanship, design or material defects, we can determine the cause and provide a recommended approach to correct the problem.

Our non-destructive roof investigations can also help determine if a roof leak has compromised the integrity of the roof system. If so, we can also determine how much of the system has been affected.


Unfortunately, some roofing installations develop problems very quickly after installation, or even worse – they were not installed properly to begin with. Our project managers and field personnel can help determine the cause of an Owner’s roofing issues. Enviro Tech Roof Consulting Services utilizes both non-destructive and deconstructive methods to pinpoint roofing problems. Our forensic investigation services can identify the causes of the moisture infiltration and provide clear, detailed information to document the problems and recommend corrective actions.

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