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Roofing Asset Management Plans

Posted by evtservices on  February 28, 2018
Reroofing at a major Hospital Better Budgeting: Roof Management Plans Help Estimate Costs Depending upon the complexity of a hospital roof, the average cost for a replacement roof can range from $15 to $40 per square foot—making it critical for facility managers to maintain this important building asset to avoid premature replacement. Maintaining hospital roofs can be a challenge. Hospitals are often comprised of multiple buildings of all types, configurations, and ages. With so many
Roof leaks equate to time and expenses that you might not have budgeted for. They’re a nuisance to deal with so when you spot a potential problem during a rain event or routine inspection, you might be tempted to put off the repair figuring “I’ll deal with that later. I think I have more pressing needs demanding my attention.” I cannot stress enough the importance of dealing with leaks right away. If you wait until

Roofing Scam Targeting Schools and Public Work

Posted by evtservices on  February 12, 2018
An Expose of the Over 80-Year Old Scam Stealing Billions From Schools and Governments in the US, Canada, England, Mexico and God Only (at this time) Knows Where Else…. http://schoolroofingscam.blogspot.com/2010/01/update-on-carlisle-syntec-vs-tremco-in.html Blog provided by others. The information is for reference only.
   Fluid Applied Roofing System Application  Fully Restored, Seamless, Weatherproofing System – Roof Coating Systems are monolithic membranes that are spray or roller applied across your roof, around pipes, hatches, and other equipment found on the roof top to fully seal and waterproof your roof.  Cost Effective – A roof restoration system does not require the existing roof to be torn off, eliminating the contribution of landfill waste and costing you less, as you do

Do you know your roofing options?

Posted by evtservices on  January 24, 2018
Repair or replacement A roof undergoes serious wear and tear throughout its lifetime, with factors such as weathering and degeneration taking their toll. Through scientific testing and analysis, a roofing Consultant can outline the current condition of your roof and to help you decide if roof repair or restoration is an option or whether roof replacement is necessary. The building should dictate the roofing system so the roofing Consultant must be familiar with building codes,

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